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Hi everyone

Hi all. I used to post on here about ten years ago and made some great friends but then life happened and I thought I had a grip on things but I feel I'm slipping back into old ways. I made a new account as I forgot my old one 😳 anyway, be nice to chat to people again🙂

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Hi crystalheart.

Incidently, your username is a title of a book i once read. It was a very good book but also a very long story that took me a good while to get through. Sorry, i tend to waffle

Anyways, I hope you Will find it helpful to be back. It's very slow moving around here these days. Social media basically killed the Forum stars. But give it a try and make as many threads as you need. There's always someone around here who can relate. Xx

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Welcome back, and sorry you are struggling. Also just want to say that since the majority of us are in our 20s and up these days, there's enough of us who can probably relate to general life stuff that you can also post in the other boards too. We're pretty much all veterans at this point.

Please do not give me virtual hugs unless you are only using the hug function on threads. Thanks.

You can't always keep it separate.
This is happening, this is part of you.

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Hiya Crystal.
Welcome back. Zurg is right, for some reason social media has significantly reduced traffic. I don’t know why, because i really don’t want what i say on here to be brought up in real life.
There should be someone poking around at least once a week on this board. Thats been my experience. Replies might be slower but generally just as heartfelt and supportive tho.
If you have a look through the intro boards or the virtual psych ward you might find your old name if you want to claim it.
Take care and you are welcome here

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When I joined fb I had a lot of RYL friends on there so those I chose to keep in touch with I didn't need to come here to see. I do pop in occasionally though.

Mand, South Wales, Full-time working, single mother to 2 scarily independent girls.

Mand x

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