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News - The situation in North Korea

I know that the worst thing a person can do is constantly watch the news. Believe me, I do it and regret it. But one thing that has been on the news a lot recently is the worsening (That is a word right?) situation in North Korea. Now that there are American and Japanese Warships stationed off the coast of South Korea, the yearly live fire drills, the almost weekly rocket tests and the fact that China (North Korea's biggest ally) has asked all it's citizens to leave the country, This has me worried that something very very bad is about to go down. Hell, North Korea even threatened China with "Grave Consequences"!

I'm no expert on the politics regarding the area and I don't claim to be either, but the fact that a country with nuclear weapons potential is pretty much surrounded by people they can't stand and are very willing to use those weapons has me convinced that if something does happen, this will trigger events that can only be described that catastrophic.

The current situation has got me, quite honestly, very very scared that something will go down. The question I'm asking myself mainly regarding everything going on there is this: If it does happen, what next? I might be worrying over nothing but the way things are going at the moment, I just don't know.

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Well just about everyone recognises that North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un is dangerous to just about everyone to one degree or another. He's not rationale or benevolent.

Thankfully Trump and China's leader Xi Jinping hit it off when they met and seem to get along unusually well. They talk for hours on the phone. Xi Jinping knows NK firing missiles at Japan isn't going to lead anywhere good. US and Japan have had a defense agreement since 1952. The Treaty of Westphalia is the only older peace treaty. The treaty with Japan is the reason they don't have nukes - but they could have them practically overnight. China doesn't want Japan to get nukes. They aren't going to defend NK capriciously launching missiles at Japan like they did a few weeks ago .

It seems the NK missile tests were defeated by cyber-ops of some kind. I don't think nations beyond a close range have much to worry about militarily. South Korea is in the most danger. China wouldn't want a large attack since that breeds a large response and NK would fall and people would want to escape to China. China doesn't want refugees and has already massed armies on the border.

I read comments from military people and analysts who say the situation is as serious as anything they've seen in decades. I have no reason to doubt them. Fair to say something is going to happen. I think dispatching NK leader is a top focus. I assume the dispatching him has been getting some effort/planning for awhile. Militarily there's not much threat. NK air force has Russian fighters from the 50s. The long term commitment of NK soldiers is considered weak but that could be wrong and it would be days, weeks before any indications could surface. In any case - bad time to be in Seoul but after that I think the threat drops off outside of something unforeseen (like NK ally Iran).

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Lil' Kimmy's influence over his people is dwindling, people are becoming more and more aware of what lays beyond the NK borders and that they aren't living in the paradise claimed.
Kimmy knows this which is why he is so erratic and assassination happy compared to his father, he is turning the NK dynasty very quickly from a joke that should have been dealt with decades ago to a serious issue that is going to be very messy to clean up with many casualties in both Korean countries.

The longer the NK dynasty exists, the worse it gets for everyone involved and I think even China are recognising that now, it's just that they don't want SK (a US ally) on their border and no country wants the refugee fallout, these are two of the main reasons China propped up and protected NK for so long.

No matter which way it goes, Seoul is going to suffer heavy damage from all the NK artillery but a co-ordinated strike will take most of those out before they get a second shot off, it's just the "cleanup" that is the problem, hopefully China and SK can take control of the long term rebuilding of NK as western countries have a great track record of killing countries leaders then leaving them in worse shape than before and causing all manner of problems which take even longer to fix.

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This whole situation has me scared too to be honest. Reading what others have posted has made me feel a little better, but that Kim is a nut and needs to be stopped somehow. I just don't understand what his problem is overall. No one would be out to get him if he wasn't such a loon. It's his fault, why can't he see that there's no need for nuclear rockets and such. So stressful. I hope nothing really bad happens.....

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Also concerned this end. I watch the news and have a slightly unhealthy obsession with having to know what's going on in the world. I will have BBC news on all day 'just in case' something happens.

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Unless you live in Seoul, I wouldn't worry about much. While we know where virtually all of the artillery NK has is stationed, we couldn't prevent a preemptive artillery strike against Seoul, everything else would be toast.

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I guess you have a point. It's still scary though.

~*They're telling me it's Beautiful, I believe them but will I ever know, the World Behind My Wall? *~
Whatever Happens, Don't Let Go Of My Hand☆~

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It is scary, but the fact is that North Korea has a tiny nuclear capability compared to other countries, they do however have a massive army & conventional capabilities to invade South Korea, so like said before unless you live in Seoul shouldn't be too much to worry about.

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