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Eating Disorder - Chest/Arm Pain, slow heart rate

I wasn't sure whether to post but this has been going on for a couple of hours and I feel awful.
Driving home earlier, I suddenly got an aching in my chest and my left arm suddenly felt heavy and aching. I managed to get home and have been laying on the sofa, it's still there but not so painful.
My resting heart rate has been low 50 - 53 the past week and I know this is probably due to my ED.
I'm just not sure what to do, I don't feel like it warrants a hospital visit and if I call NHS direct, they will tell me to go. Shall I ride it out and try and get hold of a doctor tomorrow? Or if it's not too bad then call my doctors on Monday?
It could just be anxiety but I don't feel anxious, just unwell.

Thank you in advance x

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Any sort of chest pain warrants hospital attention. If you don't feel safe to drive then you should phone for an ambulance. It could be anxiety but on the other hand it could be serious. Best to be checked out asap - I would rather be told that it's nothing to worry about than cause irreparable damage.

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Thanks guys, I didn't end up calling anyone as I fell asleep. I feel much better today, no chest pain or anything but I will make an appointment at the doctors to get checked out tomorrow. I have my med review in the morning with the psych anyway and will try and get an appointment after then as I have to go to work in the afternoon.

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I hope you did get this checked out with a doctor, and if it happens again I'd advise going to A and E.

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I haven't managed to yet because of work but I'm going to take the day off tomorrow and try and get an appointment to get checked out as it happened again today whilst at work. I feel ok again now but will make sure I get checked out tomorrow xx

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Please do love.

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I'm waiting on a call back from the doctors to see if they will give me an appointment.

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