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visible memories
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hey guys, its me...the ancient one.
i'm all up for a veterans chat.....and it is soooooo nice to see some of us in our...(clears throat....ahem) more advanced state of "matureness" up for it too. princess4605 and tifflehan and celticwings, bless you all ....

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I caffeinate, therefore I am.
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Thank you for sharing. I'm a 49 year old self harmer, and have been struggling with this since I was 15. That's a long, long time, now that I think about it...
Thanks for being here.

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visible memories
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i wish you could see but im giving you a standing ovation. i needed to read that today. i only come here it seems when i am down. its nice to see someone vouch for us vets. vet. ha. im probably the oldest one here. i'm 54. i received some terrible news last night...i was supposed to be a plantiff in a civil law suit against a major govt organization. the lawyers decided against using me as a representative....due to my unstable mental health. i've been diagnosed at severe depressive, PTSD, anxiety issues oh and of course i self harm.
i made it throught the night w/o hurting but i have an exit all planned. i am about to leave to see a counsellor at the local sexual assault support centre. my therapist just sent links to people talking about moving on.
it was due to her recommendation that the lawyers decided not to use me.
feeling pretty useless and hopeless. this law suit was the only thing keeping me here...gave me a purpose to stick around. now nothing.
maybe some of my old friends here may have something supportive to say...or give me a hug.....cuz dammit i don't think i'm going to make it.

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Old 11-10-2017, 04:26 PM   #84
Tumbling down the rabbit hole
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@visibleMemories I don't think I knew you way back when but I can offer a virtual hug! I hope you are safe and well, and that things are looking better than they were. (I'm a bit late with this reply but my attendance here is sporadic at best...)

I've come so far, I'm behind again

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hi a almost 38 now, been harming since before i turned, just realized how long its been...anyways, just thought id drop in and say hi...havent been on in a while but im also a veteran of this site...been coming here off and on for about 17 years now...hope everyone is having as good a day as i am so far...huggles to all who want them!

MY RYL FAMILY: Blondiebear is my sister; nuttergirl is my little sister; makeachoice is my niece; prs100 is my niece; rachel487 is my sister;emovampryss is my wiccan sister; phroggie is my wiccan sister;crazychaoticmess and salutaredelamare are my angels. they always help to save me from myself.

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