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The Shadow of the Day
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Short Breaks/Holidays

How do you go about choosing where to go for a short break if you have never really been anywhere and don't know what to do? I'm thinking I should maybe try going somewhere and even considered just a cheap hotel in a nearby village just to see what it's like but it would cost about 45 and I'd probably be better actually going somewhere nice. I'd want to stay in the UK and have as little planning needed as possible. I might never even do this since I'd end up getting stressed and I wouldn't want to waste money but does anyone have some tips/guidance? I don't even know for sure what I'm asking since I know nothing about going on trips. I've been to London once but my brother organised that.

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The Shadow of the Day
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This feels kind of stupid and wrong but I'll leave it here for now.

I put it down on paper and then the ghost does not ache so much.

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I dont have any advice since my parents always organise it but I dont think that it's stupid or wrong.

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Do you speak any foreign languages? Maybe go there... I've been to France lots, it's nice and no more expensive than the UK depending where you go.

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Soft Kitty
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I think it's sensible to stay close to home for your first trip. Maybe look for somewhere that's easy to get to and come home from, but possibly a different environment than you're used to. Cities might be easier to access and often have lots to do to keep you entertained. I don't know if you live within easy access to seaside or countryside, so completely refreshing but can feel isolating and may not be as easy to get back from.

I think if I were you, I'd firstly make sure I was visiting somewhere where it's relatively easy to get back home if you're feeling unhappy.

Then perhaps set a budget for how much you might want to spend. You can book most places online so that makes things simpler and less anxiety-provoking. Maybe it's worth starting in a hotel where there might be a coffee shop you can sit in and the front desk is run 24/7, they're more predictable. But B&Bs are lovely too.

I don't think it sounds wrong that this makes you nervous at all, but I think it's an excellent idea.

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The Shadow of the Day
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Thanks everyone.

I'm not feeling like I deserve anything good so likely won't do this but will keep your suggestions in mind for maybe one day.

I put it down on paper and then the ghost does not ache so much.

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I hope you do decide to do this, it might be good for you. I can recommend Park Dean holidays and short breaks they have caravans and chalets, lodges etc and they can do 3 or 4 night stays pretty cheap depending on the time of year. Air bnb is meant to be good too just look at the review. Break free holidays website is also good to look at. Hope that helps. You deserve a break. X

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I would start by looking at what places you can easily get to - maybe start with places that you could get to by train? Looking for a day trip might be a good stepping stone to a short break.

Next step would be what type of place would you like to visit - a big city or largest town of quiet village.

Once you decide where to go there are loads of resources online to inform you on what you could do there.

It might seem overwhelming but the planning can be broken down and each step can be taken separately

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Koala hugs
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I think it's a great idea I hope you get to go and have a lovely time it's not remotely stupid

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Koala hugs
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Cornwall is nice but I think I read u r quite high up in the country ie up north so mayb not such a good idea u cud do a day trip to the beach n back tho that would b cool if its ur thing

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My suggestions:

Think about things you find soothing/calming, or that can make you feel relaxed or content or absorbed in what you're doing. If that feels a bit much to think about, maybe ask yourself about the places and activities you gravitate towards. Are they in places that tend to be quiet or busy? Do you have definite things planned to do or do you prefer to make it up as you go along? Are you happy getting around by foot or do you prefer to have public transport options? Holidays and breaks are simply a chance to do whatever feels most natural and restorative and comforting to you - it's a very individual thing.

Once you've thought about that, you can use it as a guide. You like outdoors, countryside, peace? Maybe go to the coast, or to somewhere with hills and lakes or forests. With that kind of place, you might want to check on the best ways to get around, thinking about whether you would want to go out to visit a particular place or two or whether you could just, say, pitch up in a village by the sea and have a nice time reading in coffee shops and wandering along the sea front and things.

If you prefer being closer to civilisation, maybe look into places with interesting museums, or galleries, or libraries. Any of those can be great for wandering around, just seeing and thinking about new things, in a very relaxed low-pressure way.

Think about how much of the time you would want to spend in the place you're staying (in which case you might want to consider whether it's somewhere quiet, what the view is like, whether there are cooking facilities, etc.) and how much you're likely to spend out and about (in which case you'd be looking more at transport options, local food places, sights to visit, whatever).

I hope that doesn't all sound like too much organising/a lot to think about! You really can do it in as high- or low-octane a way as works for you. Things like getting an open return train ticket might help take the pressure off, because that means you have a fixed train there but can get one back whenever you like, so less need to plan that.

If you have any other questions then say! I've done a lot of going places, I can do my best to help.

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