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update & question: new meds (tw: suicide mention)

hey so itís been a hot minute and I feel like I afkíd kinda abruptly, so I thought Iíd just let everyone know where I am rn as far as health management. basically, we tried upping my antidepressant and that went badly, but I was reluctant to drop it back down because it was the first time Iíve ever had less executive dysfunction issues. like, sure Iím more actively suicidal and my SI has gotten worse, but at least I can get up to, idk, clean a (singular one) thing (lol). so I was ready to just try and handle those issues and hope it settles down, because again thatís the most itís ever done for me and that feels really significant.

but ofc the psychiatrist doesnít want me offing myself so she convinced me to go back to the lower dosage but add an entirely new med on top of it. itís called vortioxitine (I think. brand name Trintellix) and apparently itís relatively new, approved in the US in 2013. I havenít done my usual level of research on it yet, so I donít know much about it, but I donít start taking that til Thursday. so honestly idk if itís dropping back to my regular dose or just knowing that something is being done now, but Iím feeling better. I scared myself a bit yesterday and a couple days ago, but itís okay.

my question is basically, have any of you been on vortioxitine or know anything about it beyond the basics? Iíd really like to hear about it from someone whoís actually taken it, if anyone has. thanks in advance 💌

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I've never taken it but my sister is on it. Sadly it hasn't really helped but it sounds like it might be worth a try for you.

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I am in vortioxetine. I think it’s okayish. I’m not entirely sure if it’s helped completely but I am on two. It does cause itchy skin when you start and when I’ve had a dose increase. It’s new but I’ve heard good things about it.

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