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wishing i could give my little girl the world
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im trying for her

So its been a couple years since i was last on here and alot has happened i had my first serious relationship and we had been together for 6 months when i found out i was pregnant it was planned but i wouldnt change what happened i had my little girl in April 2016 she is my world me and her father were engaged when she was born when she was about a month and a half her father started to change and in july of 2016 i found out he was cheating on me we took a break but agreed not to date other people shortly after are break started he joined a dating site he said it was just for friends i suspected otherwise so i set up a fake profile and by that weekend he had agreed to meet up for sex in his car with my fake profile i met him and told him we were 100% done the only problem we live together separate rooms fast forward to today and we still arnt together i have full custody of our daughter with him only getting supervised visits we still live in the same house but thats changing this year he want me to get ride of child support and let him have our daughter on the weekends after we move but i refuse he is terrible with money and he doesnt keep and eye on her i let her go into his room sometimes so they can have time together but she has almost drank beer gotten ahold of his pills his pocket knifes i constantly get after him for it and he hates it i just want her safe he wants to have her on weekends when we move but i cant let that happen and will fight tooth and nail so it dont i still haven't found a place for me and her apartments are so expensive i just dont know how i will do it i was babied growing up so it has made life harder now i wanna do the best i can for my daughter im just scared of the future there is so much uncertainty

Lil mama

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The Shadow of the Day
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Sorry to hear things are difficult for you right now. Is there anyone in your life who can offer you advice or support at the moment? You sound like a very caring Mum.

I put it down on paper and then the ghost does not ache so much.

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