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Realy not coping well


I am really really struggling with being home for so long. I also do not know if or when I will be going back to work. I miss my "Old" life so much. I also don't like not having a routine anymore. I am staying in bed till lunchtime, Then I am back in my bed by about 4 pm because I am really bored and so fed up. I also am struggling being locked down with just my dad at home because he really gets on my nerves and winds me up. I just don't see any way out anymore.

And I don't really have anyone to talk to that understands. It really does suck. I just want to sleep for a long long time.

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maybe going out might help if you dont want to stay in the house so munch?
sorry if im not munch help......
*hugs you*

just another floating iceberg in this ocean we call life....

Am I a failure from birth
Is misery what I deserve
Am I just so void of love
That I'm never good, never good enough
~citizen soldier-never good enough

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