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Contains bullying - Work Place Bullying

I have been working for a logistics company for nearly 2 years and i have been getting stress and hassle from a co worker constant shouting at me and getting angry over anything.
I like to keep my head down and work but be polite and friendly to my work colleagues.
The staff on the shop floor were having a debate about a work colleague (talking about him behind his back) i just carried on with my work.
But this Colleague started ranting at me you had no input i said i do not want to get involved he said you are nearly 36 and had no input you are not 13. He kept ranting at me or making snide comments all day from 10:30 until 5 pm he had another rant at home time you are not going to say good bye to us i did say good bye and waved.
I just had enough and reported it he came out of a meeting and ranted again.
So i reported it again and he ranted again i started standing up to him by saying i do not appreciate your behavior so he started trying to intimidate me and trying to actually push me into a fight.

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You did the right thing to report him. If he's getting physical and trying to push you into a fight you need to walk away and report it to your superiors as soon as possible. That is not appropriate behaviour for a workplace.

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Thanks for the reply the guy has pushed the boss and yelled at him before.
I do not know why this guy behaves this way.
Everything you do the guy would make a snide comment.
If you go swimming he would have a dig more wasted money/time then if you do not go he moans that you do not go.
When the boss got a new car he moan at the boss for only getting third party insurance then when he upgraded to fully comp the bully moaned for the boss fully upgrading.
That is just two examples of the guy.
I got no support from the company so i am looking to leave.
I had sick notes from the doctor and it is stressful everyday when i arrive i am shaking and nervous as if i say anything i get a snide comment/verbally abused.

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