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Triggering (Suicide) - am i depressed?(si)

mft , my school councellor thinks im in a bad depression and would like me to do more about it but i left my actual psychologist. but i dont really know anything about depression i just know its like lethargy(i have) and can also bring on psychosis(paranoia) and i have been recently having suicidal thoughts but not sure if i want to try again as i got found out last time. please help with my thoughts.

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Hi, i think that if your counsellor is saying this, and if your believe you are in depression, then yea i think considering getting further help would be good idea. Did your counsellor talk about what options are available in getting help. Also, do you have further support, like family, friends?
I think that if depression is causing problems in your life, and particularly if your feeling suicidal, then further help would be a good step forward.
PM if you want to talk, hope your ok.
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I agree with Nici-X.
Your counsellor would have more idea about it than us, so it's worth checking up on it, and getting more help, especially since you're feeling suicidal.

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