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Contains sexual abuse - Anyone dealt with stalking?

I have a stalker. He is someone I used to talk to on Facebook in 2014/early 2015, then I got a bf. This guy thought I wanted a relationship and would become angry if I ever shut that expectation of his down. Then in August, I cut contact completely, and by september, he began attacking my boyfriend and I on social media, threatening me, so I had to delete it all. He then showed up at my university and lied to people I know, to try and find me (he's never met me in person) and I had to hide in the toilets at campus until security took me home..and he's stalked me on social media since...and now I hear he sexually touched aka groped aka ASSAULTED a trans guy at this anime club at my university. He's not a student at my university, should I tell head office that he should be banned? He's dangerous, he has had trouble with the police before with threatening to harm school students..i'm scared..

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I realise this is a late reply but I'm kind of concerned no one else replied to this! I have no personal experience of stalking but this really does sound like something you should talk to authorities about. It's clearly bothering you and it sounds like rightly so. Speak to staff at your university who you can trust. Also speaking to the police would be a good step if he had been harraseing you repeatedly. I would recommend that you seek help with this and don't stay quiet.

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