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My psychiatrist reminds me of House

Yes, as in with Hugh Laurie. Since I've started seeing him I'm the most stable I've been in 6 years. I am on the fewest drugs... in probably 13 years? With almost no side effects too, that has never happened before.

BUT, I can't stand him. For a psychiatrist he's not very empathetic and tends to say things that, even if I know they're true I'd rather not hear them. His favorite thing to say is, "this is why you're my favorite patient, your issues are so complicated and intertwined. You have physical, social, psychiatric, and neurological problems all in one, so you're impossible to give one diagnosis let alone just three. I love solving these kind of problems." Then he follows up by laughing kinda weird...?

I'm doing REALLY well, but this feels kinda weird if that makes sense? I'm used to psychs being calm and collected and not narcissistic. He talks at me like I'm a rubix cube rather than a person.

BUT, whatever he's doing is working... so.. is this just something I should look past? Like, I don't even know how I could explain to him how that's making me uncomfortable.

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