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Triggering (SI) - help

Had a serious chat last night with my boyfriend and found out what i had been dreading (that my problems are seriously affecting us) and now i just want to self harm in anyway i can

The following content has been hidden - Reason : graphic
i seriously just want to do as much damage to me as i can in anyway possible, i just want to givein and do it that much that i end up not being me, being that bad that i get forced to help doing it that much that i have no skin left and all i can see is blood

but i cant its not right i have lasted 15days i only want to last 30 more only then can i givein. i cant self harm now because it is what he is expecting me to do, hes expecting me to fail because i do everytime i try to stop. but im going to prove him wrong no matter how many problems i have i will last 30 days... but what do i do about all my problems affecting us because im too scared to go and get professional help i dont have the courage im not strong enough to

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Just another statistic
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im so sorry to hear how you feel huni xx
have you tried telling him that its very difficult and is not going to change overnight etc etc....?
understanding is probally the 1st thing and the second is for him to stand by you, help you through your struggles.
i know its probally very hard for both of you. but i know you will if you really try get through the graphic feelings that you have and it will probally be easier with people to help if there is anyone ele that can.
please re-consider getting professional support you dont know until you try, after reading your message im worried about you. im sorry if this doesnt help coz im feeling really low at the moment so probs dont even make sense.
pm me if u need anything
much love and take care

RIP james fisher xxx u will be missed greatly.
a best friend xxxxx

without you it doesnt feel right

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life sux somestimes but we get though it togeather
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i am sorry for what u are going though right now. i no it hurts but u and him can pull though if u try and maybe talk to him and tell him its not ganna go away in a snap of ur fingers i'm sure we all wish it would but it won't...i no how u feel about harming yourself again...i already did and i was going very well. i'm in a bad low point myself but we have to pull it though. and for the professional help. you say ur not storng eought. yes u are u. it might be hard to tell someone about whats going on beleave me i no and i still have trouble talking to the person i go and see and i have been seeing her seend 7th grade and i'm in 11th now so i no its hard but u gotta try more and more and try to push urself to that point. if u want to talk more or need anything pm me ok :)


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You should stop for yourself. Not because you want to prove him wrong or anything. I'm sorry, boys are jerks. :(

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Sorry to hear your struggling so much and that things are hard with your boyfriend. Please try and stay safe, you can get through this. Have you spoken to your boyfriend about how all this affects you? If not maybe you would find it helpful. If you want to recover you need to stop for yourself not for anyone else including him, otherwise it just doesn't work. What worries you the most about getting profestional help? I know it can be hard to take that first step but alot of people including myself find that when they take that step it is really beneficial. Give it a shot, you will never know until you try. Feel free to PM me if you need anything
Take care
Kat xxx

"Recovery is something that you have to work
on every single day and it's
something that doesn't
get a day off."

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14/6/2007 -
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Im really sorry that your having such a difficult time. We are all here for you atthis difficult time. We will do ourvery best tosupport you for as long as you need it. Have you sat down with your boyfriend and told him how you feel? He needs to know how you feel.

We all care about you somuch we really do. Please dont give up you can get through this. I know that your going through an incredibly difficult time. But you can get through this. Please dont blame yourself for any of this none of this is your fault at all.

Take care best wishes Ian xxxxxx

14/06/2007 -

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