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Voldemort's Bitch
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I've just been reading articles about it.It sounds so interesting but so complicated. I have no idea hat half the words mean. And the content is utterly bonkers.

Can anyone provide more details/information. I'm interested in learning about it.

Imperfection is underrated.

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non volo
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Look up Leah Remini and scientology

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Watch "Going Clear"

"If you want to get rich start a religion"

L Ron Hubbard

"Not all those who wander are lost" Tolkien

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The One Who
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^ That. Going Clear is a good watch, as are the BBC Panorama documentaries on it.

Not something to get involved in.

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Isoverity beat me to it with that L Ron Hubbard quote, it basically sums up scientology.

L ron hubbard tried to be a science fiction writer, was ***** at it so started his own religion and if I was to offer anyone any advice it would be don't get involved with scientology/

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Its worth mentioning that a reason these groups thrive is they often make use of some truths that they then encrust with their own shtick.

With S'tology they use a principle that's in-line with certain known behaviours/therapies etc.

If a person has been emotionally injured, harmed etc growing up (and who hasn't) the S'tology people will draw attention to the lingering emotions associated with traumas - what they call the "reactive mind". In fact "going clear" refers to the eradication of the reactive mind and the lingering traumas they represent.

There are handlers that will have a noob detect and re-experience past trauma memories until they lose their emotional charge.

All that is interesting in a generic sense. While such treatment can backfire sometimes it works. Google current articles about "exposure therapy" (reliving past trauma) and compare those to newer research about protecting traumas and how "trigger" protection backfires.

Lots of past and current psychology research deals with the emotional roots of trauma and learning to diminish them (vs trying to struggle with the secondary "thoughts" - which reinforces them).

All that being said, there's no need to join groups who want money and control while talking about reactions etc. A person can do ok with those in other ways and keep their freedom and coin.

"Not all those who wander are lost" Tolkien

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