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Friend moving to Atlanta after all after quick change of plans

A friend of mine was supposed to move into a duplex, but at the last minute, her parents decided to pull her out of that idea and move her. She is extremely lazy but has improved. She has a problem with showing that she truly cares and there has been times when I wondered if she really does. She does talk about how much she wants to move to the duplex and doesn't want to move to Atlanta. Her parents are a lot harsher on her than her siblings, her siblings get away with way more stuff. My friend is also not assertive, she has a bad habit of taking blame, which I understand since I have that same problem.

The only thing that confuses me is if her parents really weren't sure if she should move into a duplex in the first place, then why did they get her one. Originally, she was going to move into an apartment close to where the duplex is but they don't want her to live in an apartment. Makes me think that it is a case where it is both my friend's fault and a bit of her parents fault. They spent so much money having the duplex renovated and it has just been completed and ready for someone to move in. And now they are doing away with it.

It is mixed feelings, I wish she did a better job at showing she truly cares, but at the same time, I wish her parents didn't make it like they were going to move her in, only to completely scrap the plan altogether in the end. I totally understand, it is their choice. I respect that, but I think if they were never really that confident, which they weren't, then they shouldn't have bought the duplex in the first place, only to take it away right when it's ready to be used.

Good thing is flights to Atlanta are short and not that expensive when using Southwest so I can always go visit her. No biggie. I am sad that she is moving, but unfortunately her parents don't want her moving in after all. Unfortunately, her parents are the kind who are extremely picky and make it seem like you can't do anything right no matter how hard you try. Also, they quickly go back and forth between wanting to do something and not wanting to do something. I will admit, I was secretly expecting them to scrap the plan because of how much they change their minds. They've done that many many times with lots of things. So in a way, I kind of see it as, my friend didn't show that she cared enough even though she put in her best effort over time, and her parents appearing to not really know what they want and may have even been having second thoughts due to their own personal reasons that they haven't mentioned.

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