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Really need advice

Iím looking for some advice, in relation to drugs! My brother lives in my dads home and turned part of it into a grow house with plants you know the kind, when these have matured he has my dad delivering these when they are ready!

I found this out today, I was shocked I said to my dad what if you got stopped by law enforcement his reply shocked me even more! So what Iíll get fed for free for 6 months. No big deal! My dad is 74

Any advice on how hat I can do, my brother is 46 heís been living with dad since my mom died 6 years ago. This has being going on with 4+ years.

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Sabotage the lighting/watering system.

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Report it.

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You could report it as elder abuse.

You can't always keep it separate.
This is happening, this is part of you.

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Thank you for the replies, seriously I am going to report it! My dad doesn’t deserve this treatment. He’s not perfect but doesn’t deserve this behavior. Thank you again for taking the time to read and reply.

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