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Poetry *reviews requested*:safe

"When Hope dies and the Heart Is Broken"

When Hope dies
And the Heart Is Broken,
I hear all their lies ;
I've never awoken.

My life has been lost
And nothing gives me hope
At such a great cost
For life, I blindly grope.

I feel so torn,
So devastated inside
I feel so forlorn
I feel I have died.

My life seems pointless
In circles, I go 'round
I feel I'm a mess
And no hope is found.

How can I Endure,
With my hope all gone?
I just don't feel sure
How can I go on?

My life's filled with pain
With hurt that's so deep
I just can't remain
My heart, I can't keep.

The Hope has disappeared
Dark has gone the light
It is as I feared;
I'm forever stuck in the night.

"Hope Garden"

When Hope dies, and the Heart Is Broken
Jehovah God takes a bud
That seemed hidden
In the deep snow
And makes it grow.

It seems like the cold
Has killed all hope
That evil and darkness
Has prevailed.

But Jehovah surrounds me
With his great love
And helps me
Never to fail.

He takes me by the hand
And guides me I am blind
He Comforts and shelters me
When I feel I'm losing my mind.

Yes, when hope seems
Completely lost,
Jah makes it grow,
No matter the cost.

For the rose that blooms
In adversity,
Is the rarest and most precious
Of all.
And Jehovah continues to hold me
Assuring I'll never fall.

Yes, as long as I give
Jehovah the reins,
He'll always guide me,
And peace I will gain.

When Hope seems dead,
And my heart seems broken,
Jehovah heals my wounds;
He comforts me and blesses me
Causing hope to bloom again from the flower bed.

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The Shadow of the Day
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Very poetic, can't think of another word!

I put it down on paper and then the ghost does not ache so much.

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I am currently:

Thx for responding.

I am still me no matter what SIZEor shape I am!

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