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Reviews Requested- Contains upsetting material - Just wrote a poem

I just wrote this, wondered what people thought - could be upsetting to some I guess so only read if safe!

Dear Alcohol

Just a little note to say
I hate you more and more each day
My loving Dad you took away
So that is why I hate you today

I hate the way you taste and smell
The way you make so many unwell
For some people, you make their lives hell
When I hear about 'drink' I hear a death knell

I hate you because I feel left out
My choice not to drink you makes most people pout
But alcohol, please, be of no doubt
I hate you, so you, I can live without

I hate you for changing the people I love
Into idiots I have to be patient of
Normally, my friends, they fit like a glove
But a few drinks inside and I want to give them a shove

Alcohol I really hate you today
For making me different in this one small way
I will never be accepted and every fathers day
I think of my loving Dad, who you took away

So alcohol, I hate you today and here is why
To my loving Dad, I say with a sigh
I miss you, every day that goes by
Time has not healed since we said goodbye.

What do you think? Any good, or total rubbish?

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I like it, it is full of emotion!


Staying the same is the greatest risk of all.

Fun is the source of creative energy.

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