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Reviews Requested- Safe - Dear Pain (poem)

Dear pain,

Thank you for everything that I have
Gained in my life for you are its maker.
Pain, if it weren't for you
I'd not have made her my perfect partner,

Put on a pedestal and pined over,
For so many years before our meeting.
Pain, without you I would not know
The beauty of being a father,
I might never have known the importance
Of my daughter.
This author owes you so much for the lessons you offer.

Pain, thank you for flooding my mind and drowning me in tribulation
I learned to swim in your wretched remorse, your course of stagnation,
Learned to find the sensation hidden in your sedation for pain,
You have made me a strong swimmer, a winner who will never wane.

Pain, I give thanks for your aid and assistance,
Your persistence has eased me into contentment and good health,
Without the twinge of trouble or torment,
I would never have gathered the tools to confront or prevent,
Relentless problems, grief, sadness, worry and resentment.

But pain, I want to be serious for a second,
I don't think you need to be so hard with your lessons.
I think next time around, say perhaps for my child,
You could illustrate a milder lesson,
Instead of pounding it into you could nurture your students,
Profess your practice as an exercise of expression,
Lesson your work-load and admonition for the wide-eyed and green.

Pain, there's no need to be mean,
And if you're feeling bitter resentful or displeased,
Please find me and I will give you the attention you need,
This isn't a plead to keep you away from the others,
I accept you and respect you enough to listen to your lessons,
As a parent please know that I promise to teach them.

Perhaps not as enraged, bitter and impassioned,
But wholly from the bottom of all that has happened,
From my heart, I forgive you and am glad to have known you,
Among all that I have you are cherished and favoured,
With love I will own you, hate you will never be hated.

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This is a truly unique piece, I've never read anything like it, and I absolutely love it. Love it love it love it. This puts pain in such a relatable position that I feel as if it's a person you're talking to! You are a strong person and an even wiser person to accept pain, hugs and love from me <3

Stay strong. If you need help someone will come. All you need to do is put yourself out there and meet them <3

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