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Lately I been wanting to get more into jazz and ballet dance , but I'm not nearly as or flexible or strong as I should be ( I can't even do a slpit! XP)
Does anyone know any good excercises to help me get more lower body strength, and help me get a split, and pull a better arabesque?

Also anyone know good paints and brushes for painters who are just starting out??

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

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You don't have to be flexible or be able to do the splits to do ballet :) I took Ballet class for years and can only just about manage it!

Just keep trying everyday, you'll get there eventually. If you gradually stretch out the muscles you use when in the splits, it'll come easier.

Good luck, :D
M x

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Regular stretching is the only way to be able to do the splits. And it can take years and years. And if you are going to stretch make sure you warm up properly first.

Squats can build lower body strength, as well as running and things like that.

There are lots of other websites that will have advice on the best stretches to use, have a look at them.

Also my martial arts instructor always says the best way to get good at Taekwondo is to do Taekwondo. Strength training and stretching will obviously help, but I'd suggest that doing a lot of ballet will make you better and build up the flexibility over time anyway.

Ask your ballet teacher for stretches/exercises that will help.

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What about doing yoga poses to get flexible enough?

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Originally Posted by Little Miss Poppet View Post
What about doing yoga poses to get flexible enough?
I was thinking the same :)

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