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Sexual Health - Smear test. *very very non urgent*

I was just wondering if someone that has experience of what they are like could come give me some info.

I have been sent for to go for one, and im pretty scared about it.

Does it hurt?
Do i have to undress fully? :(


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Ranger Fairy
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I have had a sexual health check which is similar. I didn't have to take off my top half they get to undress privately and gave me a sheet to cover my lower half and tell me to get on the bed when I had down this and was ready. They lifted the sheet and asked me to put my feet together then bend your legs to flop to the sides whilst keeping your feet together. Told me exactly what they were doing when they did it and asked me when I was ready. They place a speculum in and open it to widen you and reach your cervix, this can be a little uncomfortable depending how 'loose' you are, but it's over quickly. At this point they swapped me but they would scrape as it's a smear test. I don't know if it hurts but have been told my other women it's not too bad. It's done pretty quick and they leave you to redress privately.

I understand it can be scary, but I would definitely encourage you to have it done. Can you take anyone with you to come in or wait outside for support? Try to give yourself a treat afterwards or plan something nice to do.

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I have had a smear done and i only had to undress my bottom half. Which as stated above they gave me a sheet to cover.
I didn't experience any pain during the test the tools were sort of warm and they didn't hurt me.
Just relax and it will be over before you know it.

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