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Deliberately not looking after hygiene

If poor hygiene or generally not looking after your hygiene is a sign of depression, what does it mean if you are aware that you're not looking after your hygiene as best you should be but you just don't care?

Asking for a friend.... Obviously.

~ SilentBoy

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I think it's most likely the same thing.

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Apathy can also be an indicator of low mood. Unless there are other reasons why they are not looking after hygiene. For me if I am not, it is typically related to situational issues more so than mood, for example. So if you are ruling out things like not having access to hygiene products, or a way to use them, and it is more related to apathy, then it might be more mood related.

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I know I should shower more, I just don't care.

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The Shadow of the Day
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Are there other signs of low mood?

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