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Bulimia instead of Sh/od

Hi I'm new to this board as I feel like a fraud

Basically I've been bulimic for a few years however recently it's been getting bad I don't know wat is happening but whenever I eat my body is rejecting the food n I'm sick how can I stop that

I've been Sh n od free for 7 weeks now which is making me think I've substituted these behaviours for purging how can I stop this

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Do you have access to any professional help?

I use, and have been worse for using either B/Ping, restriction, alcohol, cutting, etc etc as a way to cope. The only way that worked to stop me from hopping between coping mechanisms and crisis was therapy dealing with my core difficulties and healing from the core, then everything else eased away as I needed it less.

Maybe you're similar if you have a whole array of difficulties and not just the eating disorder?


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Old 16-01-2014, 08:54 PM   #3

Yh I'm in Dbt well just finished group therapy n I've got a social worker I have borderline personality disorder n depression

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I have BPD too as my main dX. For me my ED is a result of my BPD, I've not had specific ED treatment since i developed anorexia and im so much better eating wise from pre-bpd-treatment. Maybe pushing for more treatment might help? It is such a complex situation that youre asking for help with, its not just a "what foods do i eat at breakfast?' Kind of question- if that makes sense.

Sorry i cant be more helpful.


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That's really great that you've sh/od free for 7 weeks. Are there any coping strategies that you've used to not sh/od that you could use for purging? Have you noticed particular triggers that make you want to purge?

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Are you worried about ending DBT? I think it's amazon that you've been SI/OD free for seven weeks! It's fantastic hun. I was just wondering whether there was a reason you are finding it difficult to use the DBT skills with regards to purging? Did you find your behaviours were different or less or whatever whilst you were abroad?

Btw- total random side note but I've lost all my contacts (for avout the fourth bloody time!) just before Christmas but think you may have text me the other day? Was it you? Previous conversations made me think yeah but didn't want to reply like a knob if it wasn't!

*Proud Plumeria Sister*

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Old 18-01-2014, 06:53 PM   #7

No not worried about finishing Dbt as such just find it difficult to use my skills I've never really tried my Dbt skills for purging if I'm honest it all happens so quickly I don't get chance

Yh I only purged a couple of times in Auz the urges were so high but Cudnt do it in somebody else's place

Yh it was me that messages u lol

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Alice InWonderland
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Feel free to send me a PM if you would like too talk.
Take care. xx

Fall seven times, stand up eight.

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Thanks I might do tomorrow x

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