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Contains sexual abuse - pregnant and past abuse

Ive created a new account - because paranoia!
It's been a few weeks since I found out I'm pregnant and I couldn't be happier. Slowly all the bad thoughts and fears are popping into my head about having a baby. My husband is over the moon and I want to be good at it which is why I cannot talk to him about it. I'm actually hoping that by not talking about it it might go away. My main fear is that I'm too dirty to have the baby, that i will infect it or that when its born I wont be able to feed it.


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Congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm sorry that you're struggling with feelings relating to your past abuse. Is your husband aware of what happened? I know that you're reluctant to tell him about your fears, but I do think that sharing your fears with him could help to alleviate some of them. You're not too dirty, or dirty at all. What happened to you was awful but it does not reflect on you in the slightest. If you're not ready to talk to your husband about this, perhaps you could talk to someone involved in your antenatal care about how you're feeling. Do you think you could do that?

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