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*apologies for constantly dumping poetry here and not engaging in the other sections of this forum. i used to come on here and talk to people and get support but for the last while all i can really do to share where im at is post the poetry im writing. hope im not annoying anyone. anyways here something i wrote today in a more traditional style to the recent stuff ive been posting


happened on a halfway dream
that led me far away
so blistering and bored it seems
a love that always strays
fold into me this happening
thats width is cold and mean
the measurement keeps widening
an old forgotten dream

dont fit the bill no this aint right
i often hear you speak
wont hit a thing and hardly bites
this softening so meak
oh words to kill and naught is nill
you say like I dont know
my lot is ill and further still
my memories dont show

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I always have a choice
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I like it, well done!

And don't worry about not engaging elsewhere on RYL, you are welcome to dip in and out as it suits you :)

We’ll find a way to fight it, we always have.
It's not how tragically we suffer but how miraculously we live.

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Very well written. I like the subtle rhyming scheme you used.

No worries about how much or how little you post! That's what this forum is here for.

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