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I'm trying to get support by making this post, as well as "write" it out loud if that makes any sense. I've had an issue with eating for awhile. I have no idea why it started. It could have been because of meds or it could be psychosomatic. I just know that for years now I've not been able to eat a lot of food without feeling like I'm going to get sick. The weird thing is it seems to be selective, like I can eat a lot of certain foods, but not a lot of others. That's what makes me think it's psychosomatic. Anyway it's always been a weird thing about me, but things have gotten different recently. All of a sudden I want to watch my weight. I'm very light as it is and I find myself wanting to lose more. I even have a goal in mind and have been checking my weight a lot. I think I'm doing this partially for control and partially for attention which makes me disgusted with myself. Anyway it's weird that this is happening. It's freaking me out. Anyway thoughts? Thanks for reading this!

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im not sure about the nausea around some foods, have you ever spoken about that with a dr or therapist? they could help you get to the bottom of it.

Also lets say you were doing it for attention regardless of how much of it was for attention, lets be honest the reason you would be needing attention is because YOU ARE CLEARLY NOT OK AND CLEARLY NOT STRUGGLING AND ARE UNHAPPY AND DON'T KNOW HOW TO REACH OUT FOR HELP. So yeah, that is in no way disgusting.

Also what i do know is that the best thing to do is to nip these thoughts in the bud, fight and ignore them now when its easiest. Losing weight doesnt really give you control, its all an illusion and what it actually does is give you hell and make EVERYTHING a million times worse. ask for help with what you are struggling with and feeling and do it now, dont put it off.

Take care xxxxx

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Don'tLookUp - I have talked to my therapist and a specialized Dr. about the stomach problems. I was supposed to get all these tests done to rule out anything physical. However, I never took the time to do that. It's been so long I would probably have to go back and be reevaluated all over again, which is very annoying. Thank you for all your support though. It put things in perspective for me. You're right I do need to figure this out now.


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I hope you will manage to see your doctor again about this. If it is a physical problem it will probably be treatable.
Personally, I find that physical issues surrounding food can set of mental ones and increase them. So sorting out a potentially physical problem might make it easier to tackle the thoughts and feelings behind it.

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Thanks Alpha Bitch Reloaded.

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