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contradicting thoughts

I would have posted this in the old binge eating board but unfortunately that's gone.

I am obese medically.

This morning I couldn't put a pair of jeans on due to being too small and had the thoughts I'm fat and was thinking of going on a healthy diet again (slimming world)

Tonight someone upset me and I decided to say sod it and get a pizza takeaway yet this morning thought I was fat and needed to go on a diet.

Does anyone else think one thing but do another? And why do you think it is?

Laura xx

Believe <3

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I can relate to that, and I think this is very common in Eating Disorders in general as well as outside of the context of food.

I think it's just a lot harder to do things then to realize what needs doing. Motivation is very important as well as learning how to stick to a plan of any kind.
Maybe it could be helpful for you to write down some reminders of what you want to achieve and why and put them where you will see them when you are most likely to struggle to stick to your intentions. With eating or overeating it is important to look at how your emotions influence your actions and see if there are more productive ways of dealing with things. That is the case for restriction as well as binging and poor diet ie relying on comfort food or fast food a lot. I think that people who experience either of those might be able to offer support and advice as the underlying mechanisms are often similar.

Humility over, I am amazing.

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I can't add anything helpful to what Alpha has already said, but I think it is very common to feel like that. It might be helpful to have a look up the 'stages of change' model - basically the idea that there are different stages of readiness for change. Earlier on in the stages is the considering change, wanting to change and starting to think about ways of changing. But it's not always easy to put that into action, especially when doing the opposite is such an automatic thought.

I think as said above, it sounds like your eating is related to your emotions sometimes, and that you're associating it with comfort? Could you try to think of some other strategies for self-care when you need comfort like that?

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