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Would me ED team tell me?

So the thing is my mom has a bad tember and kind of gets a kick out of yelling at people. On bad days i have said to her that recovery didnt work and i didnt care for my treatment and such things. Not so nice things, i do have to admit.
Now i am really scared that she has called them and told them what i have said. And complained about my treatment cause it would be really typical of her and i know she hates that i am still ill. I asked her yesterday and my father and they seemed to freeze and panic quite a bit. They said no but i dont believe them. If i asked my team, do you think they would answear me?

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They should do. How old are you? If you're over 16 (or possibly 18 in the US) then your care should be confidential and your parents not allowed to interfere/be told anything about your treatment.

Can you speak to your team and say you're uncomfortable with the idea of your parents contacting them behind your back and see what they say about it?

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Thanks for your reply! I am over 18 and i trust my team wont tell her anything. But i am just scared that my mother has told them that i have complained about the way they do things and that my team now hates me secretly. I actually like my team. Its my own fault when i am not doing good and i dont want them to think i blame them. Yeah i will ask my T if my mom has called them. But i am not sure if she actually is allowed to say if she has. I really want to bring it up but at the same time i fear that my T will think that i have talked really bad about her as a person, which i havent but I fear my mom has twisted my words. I dont hate my team but i do hate recovery at times. I fear my T thinks i'm faking my kindness towards the team. i really fear they think i hate them and they therefor dislike me.

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