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Diabetes and ED

I feel a bit uncomfortable posting this because I used to be anorexic and now I'm quite overweight. I guess I feel like a a fraud. Anyway, I wanted to know if there were any people here who struggle with EDs and have diabetes.

I'm finding it really hard because I still have urges to restrict and miss meals, but if I do I get hypos which are really unpleasant and quite dangerous. I hate being the size I am but it's feeding into my ED (no pun intended) because restriction is no longer an option and that freaks me out. If anyone has any advice or experiences that would be great.

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I remember Katie/Patient Pending went through a struggle with diabulimia last year. It must be tough to have both- to please one you can never please the other. I'm sorry it's taken a while to reply. I don't have diabetes, but have found through the sheer length of time I've restricted that my body doesn't hold up well with bgls and I can lose energy very fast. I know it's not the same thing at all though. Does anyone who treats you for diabetes know how you struggle with your body and image?

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Thank you for the hugs and replies.

I have been struggling a lot more with ED related thoughts this past couple of weeks. I haven't told any of the diabetes team that I have an ED history but at the end of the month I am seeing them so may ask for more advice then. Hopefully the dietician on that team will have some way of supporting me. I used to have a lot of involvement from ED services but not currently. If my ED kicks in any more I may get back in touch with them.

I'm finding this really hard to manage emotionally, I hate being overweight so much that I just try to ignore it but it's getting too much. Thank you for not thinking I'm a fraud.

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I'm genuinely sorry you're struggling so much J, you're a wonderful person & don't deserve any of this. *Hugs*

I think its a good idea to mention to your diabetes team your history & how currently you're struggling. Its always best to be open & I really do hope they can help.

Please try not to forget that whatever your weight, you still can & clearly are being effected by your ED & I do think its worth reaching out to the ED team when you feel ready.
ED's have a sneeky way of creeping up on you & its always best to get the help before it grips hold of you completely. You're not a fraud & deserve every ounce of support that any other person does. How would you feel about getting back in touch with the ED service?

I'm sorry I haven't much advice but felt the need to reply & let you know I'm thinking of you.

x x x

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