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First Aid Team PM Box

Hi guys,

A few days ago the First Aid Team quietly launched a new service, we're now providing a PM system where you can PM the First Aid Team account and one of the members can get back to you asap. This will be an appropriate member of the team who can deal with your problems and they can then continue a PM discussion on that account or, if they wish, via their personal one. The First Aid Forum (FAF) is remaining as it is at the moment but this is to allow people who aren't sure who to PM/ don't want to set up a thread for whatever reason, or don't want to feel like they're bothering an individual FA Team member to discuss issues with us so long as they're within the rules of the FAF though, numbers, sizes, placement or injuries and methods can be discussed via PM. We will deal with your PM as timely as possible but if the team is short staffed, key members aren't around or until we get the hang of it it may be a bit slower.

This account can also be used to PM regarding recruitment too however queries regarding moderation of the FAF should be sent either to my account or to the forum mods, the FIRST AID TEAM ACCOUNT WILL NOT HAVE MODERATING POWERS. PMs regarding overdoses will also only be dealt with by me and so you will potentially get a quicker response if you PM me directly.

Anything sent to this account will remain confidential within the team so go ahead and try it.

Going into the future we will look at other options for the FAF but right at this moment in time it is to remain how it is.

To find out further information about this account as well as an update to the rules of the FAF then the best place to go is this thread.

Kim, First Aid Advisor

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