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World mental health day

It was apparently world mental health day today (10th oct)

Our Uni had a bunch of information stands. Mostly just about dealing with exam stress and eating healthily and drug and alcohol problems. But there was a few stands set up by the counselling team about where to go for help and info leaflets on various topics (inc self harm, eating disorders etc), a rep from Samaritans was there, and also a group looking at recruiting befrienders. I think it could have done a lot more to encourage people to attend, and also to work on reducing stigma, but at least it was something.

Did any of your universities or colleges or workplaces hold any events?

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I guess if I'd been working today I would have prodded my managers to do something at work.

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I went to a fair on this topic at uni but it wasn't great, did get me out and about though so something came of it. I hope very much to get involved in next year's.

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Accidentally Abstract
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Nope. Only vaguely heard it was coming up via facebook, but didn't know it was today.
Our workplace'd be too worried to do anything I reckon, as most people would probably end up saying that our place had induced MH problems. XD Plus if anyone were to arrange anything, it'd probably end up being me. :/

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I was at university today and didn't hear anything about it. The only time I've heard about it was via someone's Facebook status (I think they're from here?). I didn't even realise! I think it's a shame more wasn't done about it but I guess that there doesn't have to be a specific day to raise MH awareness. It sounds as though your university was okay with what they did!


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Ninja Orange
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I've no idea about colleges and such. I helped with a bucket collection for a MH charity.

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Nah. Didn't even see anything about it on This Morning. :O

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How do some things get whole awareness months and others get mere days? It's so silly.

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There was a Time to Change stand at my uni, and they approached me with brownies. There were also free pens and [look away Lillie!] sticky notes :)
Also the mindapples thing, which I made a thread about.

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Oh, I got a free (plastic) glass and a free smoothie (blended by my own pedal power) too. Free stuff rules.

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My work unsurprising did things for World Mental Health Day one of which was launching a film/book project 'recovering lives' which I was involved with!

It was really good they had an animator, a film group, a photographer and a designer.

The animator drew a picture of me as a rather insane fairy which my boss brought up much to peoples amusement. The photos were us with words linked to our mental health. The launch for the project is March so it will be interesting to see how it develops.

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Moonlight Princess
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Oooh we had an event called Tea and Talk (which Katy, Dr Colbertface did NOT go to despite saying she would!) where we basically just had tea and talked! No I kid there was a space to create a piece of art. My friend created one called Turmoil and then an art therapist came to talk to us and she felt compelled to hide it :P There was a glockenspiel station. Then we literally did have tea and talked but it was very open and I had conversations with people in a lot more depth than you would normally have. Having not much organised formally actually helped relationships form.

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