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Psychotherapy on the NHS

I have finally (after what fells like a hundred assesments at a hundred different places) started Psychotherapy on the NHS. we meet once/week and I will get 15 sessions.

Now, I have been wondering. I read/heard somewhere (maybe here) that when your nhs sessions run out you may be able to keep working with the same person but privately (paying for it).
Is that true?
I do mine at the psychotherapy department at a hospital, would I be wrong in assuming it wouldn't work like that for me?

I'm confused. I find it very difficult to believe that I will be able to make that much progress in 3 months or so. esp cause I find it hard to open up to people and it takes a long time to build up the trust neccesary... So does that mean I'm going to have to start this whole thing over again in a few months?

I don't know...
If anyone else have had any experience with this I would really appreciate any thoughts on the matter. (even if you haven't had experience with the same!)

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I've always had private psychotherapy, the NHS just sort out and keep an eye on my meds.

My only experience with counselling in any sense non-private related was with a county council teacher's counselling scheme. At the end of the 6 sessions [back in 1996] she said I didn't need any further help. She was O So Wrong.


I would think that the therapist you see would be able able to at least make a referal and evaluate what you would benefit from, at the end of the 15 sessions. If you can afford to continue privately, I don't see why not, so long as the therapist has an opening space for you.

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tweety pie 84
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ive never heard of that to be honest. But there was never a time limit on mine.

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i dunno much about that, i used to go to a CAMH pshycologist and i think that was forever, i was reffered by my gp and my school mentor. i kinda just left cause too many things. i would hazard a guess that if you wanted you would be able to goto the same person again afterwards. not sure if much help but neway.

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It would also depend if they did took private patients. You would have to ask if he/she works privately

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I worked with CAMHS until turning 18, because then i was deemed an adult.

With the NHS, as i understood, if you're not any better of at the end of that period you should be given the option to continue, and never at any cost to you. The NHS isn't about charging people. Check it out next time you go, they have to tell you; and if it is the case that that is not long enough then tell them this.

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sherlock holmes
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Some psychotherapists (and other mental health professionals) work both for the NHS and privately. You'll have to ask, but if she does work privately, it won't be from an NHS hospital.

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I havent heard of this before and generally know that if you arent better by the end you should be offered various things.

I know that some psychotherapy is time dependant because it is so specific that each week will have an agenda etc. Then at the end of the 15 sessions it will be assessed to see if its been beneficial if so then it could continue for a few more session if not then it will be stopped.

What I would say is that it is really important to try and get the most out of this and look at the positves of having 15 sessions and what you can achieve from it then worrying about the end of it all.

I think it is an important point to bring up when you meet because it will put you at ease either way.


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Thanks for all the replies! From what my various doctors have said 15 is the max of what the NHS will offer you.
I was going to ask yesterday when I had my session, but I chickened out! Will def ask next week, cause this whole going with the flow thing isn't really working for me. I need time to prepare myself mentally...

Oh, well. Thanks again!

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You've already had a few good answers, and I don't really have anything to add except a short response to control_freak:

I'm not sure with regards to psychotherapy specifically, but in the department I work for (in an NHS hospital in the South West) many of the therapists do private work in their lunch breaks, evenings and weekends in the department, and pay a percentage of their charges (recently raised to a shocking 30%!) for the use of the space. As long as they are qualified and insured the hospital has no problem with this. Sometimes they refer patients to the NHS side of things and sometimes NHS patients prefer the times (and total lack of waiting list) available privately.

So it does occur that they work out of the same space with both hats on.

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