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Accepting depression is a big thing

So the other day my counsellor asked me if i could see what a part depression had played in my life and how it's a major problem.

The thing is i can't see that.
I don't see me being depressed as a major thing just a thing.

I can't accept that it can and has affected me, my life and the things i do.

Im not really making any sense, sorry, but i was just wondering if anyone else felt the same/understood?

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If its the only way you know of being... its frightening and difficult to accept that its a .. problem. After all, you are talking about your life... That's pretty big.

Acceptance will come in its own time, when you are ready.

My experience is that acceptance comes in layers. Its not an all at once thing.

Its also hard to see the wider perspective when you are in the fog and shadows of depression. I find I can only see how things really are when I get my 'windows of wellness' as I call them.

Maybe the acceptance and understanding of the ways it effects you is something you can work on with your counsellor?

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I understand and feel the same *hugs*
Sorry I've got nothing useful to say...

The only time you will find real light is when you're searching in the dark..

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Hey sweetheart,

It took several years for me to be able to accept it. It still feels a bit wierd for me to say and think about it but now I have I'm more relaxed I suppose. I can see it for what it is. I can see that its not my fault and that I can move on and change.

Take care


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I dont mean to be patronising but perhaps you dont see it because you havent had as much "life experience" with which to judge it against?

You will see it some day. Perhaps now is just not the time. I do understand.


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It takes time hunni.
It takes a long time first of all to accept that there is a problem.
Then when you do something about it, until you come out of the other its hard to see what restrictions it did put on you.
I know that you do see the problem! You just have not acepted it as a problem yet. The things you have previously said, about lack of motivation ect, this is all related. And yeah, it is a big thing. But it will take time. Once your through the thick of it, you will begin to see it and accept it.

Take care hunni.

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Sugar and Spice
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I can completely relate. I used to find myself in complete denial that I was depressed, sick and that it was an issue. Even today, I have difficulty accepting that I am actually "mentally ill".

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Yes i understand that ,and the way u feel But my question is ,Can u stand being depressed anymore and why?
Answer it and u will know how is a major problem

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