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Never knowing...a helping hand or hell to pay?
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100 question quiz

What is one thing you've realized or discovered lately?
How much Molly loves doggy company.

Do you know anyone who is colorblind? If so, who?

Is there anyone you suspect of being colorblind? If so, who?

When was the last time you cried, and why (if you want to share)?
I'm not sure.

Who was the last person who was rude to you?

Do you wish you were in a different social class than you are?

What's something that scares you?

What's the one thing you want more than anything?
To live a life happy without alcohol.

Do you have a relationship with God?
I hope so.

Have you ever vlogged or blogged?

Who do you call when you have a problem?
Depends on the problem.

Do you have a best friend?

If not, who do you wish you were friends with?

Is there someone that you miss?

What was the last date you went on like, and are you still with the person?
**** knows and no.

What is your favorite thrift store find?

Do you keep your room organized?
Sort of.

Which youtubers do you feel like you could be friends with in real life?
No idea.

Have you ever met someone in person that you first met online?

How good are you with shades of colors?
Fairly good I would say.

Does it annoy you when people call teal "blue"?

Would you describe teal as a shade of blue, a shade of green, or a mix?
A mix.

What is your favorite color?
Red or orange. Do like mustard yellow too.

How many other people do you know with your favorite color? List a few.

Do you fall asleep with your laptop open on your lap?

Which do you use more: a computer or a phone?

Have you ever taken a test to see if you are colorblind?
Yes in school.

Which family member did you inherit your hair color from?
Mum I guess.

Do you hate your nose, love your nose, or have you never thought about it?
Never really thought about it.

What was your favorite Barbie doll?
I had a Pocahontas Barbie type doll that I loved.

Would you ever want to look like your favorite Barbie doll?

Do you like your hair better curly, wavy, or straight?

Do you ever worry about running out of make-up and not being able 2 buy more?

Do grammatical errors annoy you?
A little.

Who do you know who is dyslexic?
My cousin.

Do you prefer kisses or hugs?

Describe your dream wedding in five words.
Friendly, full, quirky, beautiful, memorable.

Do you feel your life is worth living?

Do you smoke weed?

Is weed legal in your state?

What are your secrets? Share a few if you want to.
No thankyou.

Would you ever read your diary on the Internet?
I have a rant and vent thread so kind of.

Have you ever thrown up in class?

What is it that you want to talk to someone about?
This weird feeling.

What is something that you used to be ashamed of, but not you're not?
I'm pretty much ashamed of everything I've done still so...

Do you have anyone who cares about you?

What was the last good book you read about?
I'm reading a few books, one of which is a decent biography of Oscar Wilde.

Where do you next want to go on an adventure?

Do you need a vacation?

How long has it been since you've been on vacation?
8 years.

If you could go on vacation right now, where would you go?

Have you ever walked outside in below zero weather?

Is watching youtube videos one of your hobbies?
No, but I do watch the odd one.

Does it annoy you that people get denied for disability who really need it?

Have you ever held a newborn baby?

Are a ton of your facebook friends getting married and having kids now?

What is a trend you haven't followed?
A bun on the top of your head.

What's something you believe in that most people don't?
A fair few people don't believe essential oils help things and I do, does that count?

Do you think for yourself?

What's the last supernatural thing that happened to you?
Shut up.

Have you ever had anyone bully you because they were jealous of you?
Don't think so, I think they just hated me on principle.

What's something most people don't know about you?
A fair few don't realise how much I love Glee.

What's a hidden talent that you have?
I can hold a tune?

If you're a Christian, how long have you known the Lord?
On and off all my life, I'm pretty sure truly and irreversibly this time around.

Who is someone you'd really like to talk to?

Is there anyone who's dear in your heart who's going down the wrong path?
Not especially.

Who has your heart?
Never you mind.

From you experience, which is worse for bullying: adulthood or childhood?
Childhood. As an adult it's like **** off I really genuinely don't give a ****.

Do you wear sweaters often?

How often do you burn candles?

Do you live in an apartment, condo, dorm, or house?

Do you have a sibling with the same first initial as you?

What's a word that rhymes with your first name?

....middle name?

Do you get enough sleep?
Probably not.

How many cups of tea do you drink in a day?
I don't drink tea every day.

Don't you hate it when people give advice when you want support?
Sort of.

Which magazine is your favorite to read?
Way back it used to be Psychologies.

Do you cut out magazine clippings to use for projects?
I have been known to yes.

Do you ever eat kids' food (as in, meals made for kids)?

What's something you wish you would have known sooner?
Alcohol is so ****ing dangerous.

What's something you wish your doctor would have told you?

Are you happy with your life right now?
Not as such.

Is it cold where you live?
A bit.

What's the next big project you plan to start?
Eventually a signing course.

Do you enjoy taking on new challenges?

Do you have acid reflux?

What's on your heart?
I don't understand the question.

Are you naturally optimistic or pessimistic?

Would you rather wear pink or blue?

What are the names of your first cousins?
N, D, L, J, C, H

Do you know what you want to name your children?
If it's a boy yes.

Do you like what your parents named you?

Do you think you were cute in your baby pictures?
Some I guess.

What color was your baby blanket?
No idea.

Do you remember pre-school?

How old were you when you made your first friend?
I don't know, nursery age?

Are you doing what you were created to do?
I don't know.

What's an act of injustice that's been done against you?
The whole police, court thingio, being punished for not doing more damage to myself.

Do you find a lot of peoples' facebook statuses to not be relevant at all
*shrug* some are some aren't.

'Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.'

['There is only one thing we say to death. Not today'.']

'We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.’ – Oscar Wilde
‘It’s hard to dance with the devil on your back.’ Sydney Carter

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