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Triggering (OD) - Couple of questions

I have a bit of a problem, I keep thinking about OD'ing and have a few questions about this:

I was given some tablets by my doctor because of an ongoing illness (he doesn't know what it is yet, but has given me stuff so that I'm not in so much pain) if I go bak to him and tell him my problem, what will he do? The problem is that I need the tablets he's given me because I'm constantly in pain, but I don't think I can be trusted with them.

I post on another SH board and mentioned someting about wanting to OD. Someone said that if I felt as though I was going to do this, I could just go to A&E. Can I do this even before I've done anything?

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If you came clean to your doc he would most likely take some of the pills from you and only give like a weeks worth at a time. But i highly doubt he would take all the meds from you as you clearly need them.

And yes, you can go to the ER before you do anything. They'll most likely set you up to talk to someone and then make a few arrangements for you to see someone through the next couple of days.

Please be safe hunni!!!!! Talk to someone instead of taking an overdose.
*huggles you*

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My doctor only prescribes a certain amount of medication at a time. I think it would be a wise (and brave!) decision of you to confess this to your doctor so he can do the same.

Going to A&E before an OD is an option to prevent it. Or is there someone you could phone? Most A&Es have a 24 hr crisis line, or there's the Samaritans.

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yes you can go to A+E before you do anything, they'll get someone for you to talk to. Please keep safe xx

Breathe......... keep breathing

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Hey, I have been thinking about trying to od too, but just wanting to come close so I could have a break, 2 weeks ago I tried with alcohol and pills and cut myself up and went by ambulance to the hospital, who discharged me later that night. I went to detox for one night, puking my brains out etc... should have stayed longer but the next day I left against medical advice. I have been talking with a lot of treatment places and they will always take you if you feel like u do, detox is better in my opinion than hospital or mental health inpatient, more at home and don't feel like I'm in an asylum sylum in detox. I mean if u wanted a break for a couple days for yourself to try to get your head clear detox is good, I also find the crisis hotline helpfull, well, thats some of my experience, I am still having bad cravings for self harm, but I am really trying not to entertain the thoughts, good luck ~Kelly :)

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The doctor gave me something like 15 days worth of tablets. However, I can take one 4 times days. (but have never needed to take that many in 24 hours - sometimes I need one and other times, I can go for days without needing them)

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Is there anyone you can talk to about this? Friend or relative perhaps? If you can talk to them you could ask them to hold onto some of the pills for you. If you can't find anyone else then definately talk to the doctor, and if you think it's too late it'll propably be best to go to or phone A&E.
Take care. x

Feel free to PM me any time; whether you want support or just a chat! x

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No-one knows about this.

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