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Triggering (Suicide) - Whats wrong with me !!!!!!

Whats wrong with me ????I just dont know .... I've been to the doctor (GP) and he says i'm depressed ...But I've seen numerous Psychiatric nurses and Psychiatrists and they said I'm fine.. I've taken at least 5 or 6 overdoses, tryed to jump from a b high rise car parkwas stopped ) and Cut since I was 12 and been taken to the hospital several times by the police and they've just let me go home...With no answers .... Only My GP thinks I'm depressed and once a doctor from a hospital in wolverhampton understood that i was sick but every one else thinks i fine ....I duno wat to do ....


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Isn't your doctor trying to help you or get you in touch with someone.
Really you've done all the work, I suggest you keep on at your doctors, because they should really be providing you with someone to talk to, or the right medication. But considering that you've taken the big step of saying something, they really need to get their act together. And you should tell them that, that you really need help.
PM is you need to talk more :)


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i agree with purexcocaine. your doctors should be trying to help you. it sounds like the doctors you have seen are just stupid. could you try a different doctor? i know you said you've seen a couple but maybe you need to try a couple more untill you find the right one. just a thought. anyway, feel free to pm me if you need to. hang in there.

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