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.You do not deserve this.
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Step By Step.

Okay, so basically a while ago i came across a thread like this on another site. And it was a big hit.

All you have to do is a rough step by step of everything you've done today.

[ Leaving out the obvious triggering material thanks ]

It'll be fun to look back in afew months at this thread and see how your life has changed. And see how you do things differently.

I'll start; [Its only 6.53am so i'll do from Saturday morning as ive still not been to bed]

Woke up about 11.
Came downstairs.
Watched Big Brother.
Ate a chicken salad with chedder biscuits in. [im strange]
Watched something else. I dont know what it was called.
Came online.
Went offline.
Removed some of the posters in my bedroom.
Replaced them with some other ones.
Spoke to my mom about dinner tonight.
Had a giggling fit because my dad was choking. [Which is kind evil, but it was funny ]
Went to a little village near my home town.
Dropped off my dad.
Came home and ate a prawn salad.
Watched Bon Jovi live.
Watched The Mighty Boosh Live.
Dad came home.
Parents went to bed.
Sat and spoke to my BFF.
He went to sleep.
So, i sat online all night.

YAY. Your turn.


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Why does everything have to change?
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oo.. This sounds great.. But I know I'll never remember the things of whole day.. Now I've been waken about half an hour and it was hard to remember what have I done today..
But I still wanna join in.. So, this is my day since..

Alarm started to keep it's noise on 9.42
I snoozed it 6 times, 3 minutes for one snooze
I went to the bathroom
I went to the kitchen and sat on the bench next to table
I watched my brother reading and eating bread thinking if I should eat something too
Mum asked if I wanted butter for my bread or should she put it away - I refused
Brother asked if I wanted cheese on my bread or should he put it to fridge - I refused
I started to write a text for my friend but then decided not to interrupt her
My brother left the table and so did I
I came to the computer to see if my downloads were completed - They were
I started to move those files and while waiting it opened Firefox
Checked my GMail - no new messages
Downloaded HJ Split
Came on RYL
Started spamming f/d
Drank some mineral water which sparklers had disappeared - not good

That was it..

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Location: UK

I like this idea! I haven't done very much today, haven't even left the house but I'll post anyway.

Woke up at about 7:30am
Fell back to slee
Woke up again and got up about 8:00am
My dad was demanding a lift but I was far too tired
Had some toast and coffee
Had a bath
Text my best friend a few times about... nothing really haha
Dried my hair
Got dressed
Watched Smile on BBC2 (haha)
Couldn't work out whether I should go out or not
Decided to have a lazy day
Watched Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone
Watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Had dinner with my parents
Watched a few episodes of some Girls of the Playboy Mansion programme :-/
Watched some of the Eastenders omnibus
Best friend texts asking to come online so I come online
Ate a banana sandwich

And now I'll probably sit in front of the computer all night

It's good being lazy! First day where I haven't left the house at all in ages.

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It's okay not to be okay
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Location: Central Perk
I am currently:

TV woke me up at about 8
Watched BBLB for 15 mins
Got up, washed and dressed
Checked I had everything I needed for the day
Got dropped off at college
Went to Birthdays to buy a teddy for teacher
Realised I'd left the [perfectly written] card at home and had to buy and write a new one
Went to Tesco
Went and gave teacher the card and teddy
Went and bought a cappucino and sat in Starbucks
Went back to college and collapsed on the floor of an empty classroom
Bought some water from Boots [99p!]
Went into my English exam
Wrote a paragraph before realising I just couldn't do it
Slept for 3 hours instead
Came home
Ate with parentals
Came online


The only time you will find real light is when you're searching in the dark..

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Why does everything have to change?
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Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: Finland
I am currently:

oh my.. and you really think I would remember my Whole day?
Lets try then...

Reminder on my phone at 6.02 am
Read a SMS which had arrived 5.24 am
Alarm at 6.12am -> snoozes
Another alarm at 6.22am -> also snoozes
Woke up at 7.42 am
Went to the toilet
Opened tv
Opened computer
Listened radio from telly
Checked one of my e-mails
Came on RYL
Ate three slices of bread and drank orange soda
Went to the multimarket and shopped for chewing gum
Kept going to Hervanta
Got there 32 minutes too early so sat on the ground outside the building for 20 minutes
Called and cancelled my appointment to the doctor(I know.. I'm a loser)
Went inside and paid 17 euros and had part 1 out of 2 of my driving exam
Got it through (duh!)
Came back to apartment
Made some searching in the web
Came RYL
Went to sleep but never fell asleep 'cause my music was so loud and mum called me
Had a driving lesson
Went to change my mp3-player(Again) 'cause it wouldn't work anymore..
Went grocery shopping
Came to back to apartment
Came online
Tried to watch tv and listen radio at the same time - finally shut down the radio
Washed the dishes
Ate lot of bread
Watched sport from tv
Ate Karelian pastries
Cleaned my toilet
More RYLing
Checked 2 of my e-mails
Went to sleep and slept 3 hours
Woke up tired and sweaty
Came on RYL
Ate more bread and Karelian pastries
Still staying RYL

I'm sure I forgot something.. I never remember anything..
And ofcourse I was almost the whole time online when I was at the apartment..

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