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I seem to be in a bit of a pattern. In that I will be fine for a while e.g. 6 months or 8 months then I will end up in crisis. Last time this happened I went to a and e due to concwrns i would do sonething. I spoke to crisis and they said i needed to be assessed by the team in a and e.i was honest to a degree. However due to rare circumstances I declined admission (it was either go home or be admitted) and I said o didn't want to be admitted. I went home got... 5 hours sleep then ended up phoning crisis again. They didn't help a huge amount and I ended up back in a and e by half 8 that morning due to a large od. Again they offered me everything from counselling to inpatient. I again said I didn't want I patient and couldn't really think what support I needed. The plan was low level counselling and crisis number if I needed it. Also a cmht out of area.
However we are... 2 months down the line. I have chased up the out of area and there isn't anything. I have chased up the counselling and I am still waiting for someone to get back in touch.
At the moment I am ok. But I can go into crisis quickly however at the moment things seem ok. Just unsure what to do. I really don't want to go back into crisis.

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Do you still have issues with the idea of going inpatient in an event of a crisis, or did your circumstances change? If you would still rather not go inpatient, I wonder why are you opposed to this idea, if you don't mind sharing?

I'm sorry that you're still left waiting for professionals to get back in touch, that sucks. Hopefully you'll get some feedback soon.

If I understand you correctly, you were willing to engage in counselling, but you have yet to either start it, or at least receive any information regarding when and where you will start counselling, right? Do you receieve any kind of support right now? Do you think sharing your concerns about a potential crisis with your GP could be helpful?
I hope I am not overwhelming you with questions, my deepest apologies if I do.

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Basically I would have to be inpatient out of area and not in my home town. So yes I still have issues. I would only go if I was litrally given go informal or we would section you.

The support I am getting is crisis team if I need it
My gp knows some of my issues

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