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Zoning out.

I have noticed that more frequently then usual I tend to disassociate from my body. Like I zone out without even meaning too. Just the other day I experienced this when someone was talking to me and I wasnít even aware. It felt like I wasnít even in my body or in the present moment. It seems to happen a lot more lately and Iím wondering if anyone has experienced this or knows how to stop this from happening thanks.

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Hi there,

Sorry to hear that you've been having problems with 'staying present'. Do you know what has caused it to happen more frequently at the moment; has something changed recently or are you under stress from anything?

Have you heard of 'grounding'? There's some ideas in this thread that you might find helpful.

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Hi Steph! It happens to me a lot, I've found taking 5-15 minutes every day to do a mindfulness meditation helps. It teaches you to focus on your breath, and when you find you're zoning out or having other thoughts, it teaches you to observe and name the zoning out that is happening, and bringing the idea/thought back to your breath and focusing on your breath again. In conversations, you can apply this by telling yourself that the person speaking to you is the breath you are trying to focus on.

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