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Feeling lost after college

Iím a few short months away from graduating college and I just feel so lost. I feel like everyone I know has a plan for life after school and what they are going to do with their degrees and I just donít. I honestly have no idea where to even start getting my life together. Does anyone have any advice about this? Or even how not to stress out over it. Iíll take anything at this point!

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I had applied to graduate school and was waiting to hear answers spring of my senior year. After getting interviews, I waited and waited. I finally heard back that I didn't get it, and I panicked. I applied to all sorts of jobs, and honestly I just lucked out with finding a good one. I did phone interviews with a bunch that told me to call back when I could start working within the next three weeks if I were hired. If I were doing it again, I would slow down. The business and tech worlds (which my brothers are in) hire way in advance. Most everything else doesn't. Many other seniors are just pretending to know what they're doing and inside feeling just as lost. Take your time to think about what you're interested in. Figure out what your skill sets are. Whatever happens, you will figure it out, and there are a million and one different paths to a "happy life" or "success" or whatever your personal goal is.

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Leaving college can be very stressful. A big reason is that people think they are supposed to know what to do and do it quickly. Its really more a matter of doing what is in front of you one step at a time and seeing where it leads.

For many people their first work wont be their career. Thoughtful people can actually take longer to find their way because they are looking for more than just money. Not that that is wrong. People need money but they also need a sense of being on a path and "unfolding" like a flower.

People need a little philosophy and a sense of higher purpose. Make being fair with people and doing what is right more important than being rich and famous etc. Try different things and find out what you like. When you do what you like you dont feel like you're working. Good things just happen. You realize there is a path for you to discover. But like a song you have to discover it one note at a time. Be careful of wasting yourself with too many friends and distractions. Sometimes a period of being bored and detached is followed by a period of realization that would have been missed if you were rolling in the mud with friends at a music festival. Don't get dissipated.

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