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I cut and now one of my best friends does too...

I've been cutting for about 6 months now and i told my closest friends about it in summer. And then yesterday we had P.E and i saw the cuts that I have on my wrist all down one of my best friends arm. What do I do???

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The best thing is for the both of you to approach a trusted teacher or failing that your parents. Counselling will help but there may be a wait. Don't keep it to yourself.

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Talk to her about it (assuming your friend is female, apologies if not).

She may have just tried it to see what it's like? She may have problems of her own that have caused her to do it. She may have already been doing it before you told her about yours.

If you talk to her you can both get help together, maybe try to support each other?

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Thats a crummy feeling. You sound really concerned about her. If you are recieving professional support, or talking to a school counselor or something, perhaps you can encourage her to do the same.

And if your'e thinking that maybe you caused her to start, put a hold on that thought. You choose your actions and she chooses hers. You can't choose her actions or vise versa. There's a myth that talking about suicide with teenagers will make non-suicidal teenagers consider suicide. And I say a "myth" because there is ample evidence that this is false. While suicide contagion increases the risk that someone already suicidal might attempt, talking about suicide doesn't "put ideas in their heads" or anything like that. Same goes for self harm

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I've been in a similar situation, albeit a long time ago now. I spotted that one of my friends was cutting, at a time when I had been for several years. Slightly different as my friend had no idea I had the same... I waited for a convenient time and confronted her about it, essentially outing myself as an SI-er to her at the same time. I think it came as a relief for her to have someone to talk to and I've never ever regretted it. I'd wait for a time when the two of you are alone and calmly talk to her, but don't put too much pressure on yourself. It's hard to keep some distance in those situations when you care about someone, but your priority has to be YOU. She may be your friend, but she is not your responsibilty. Help her if you can, but take care of yourself x

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