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I don't know what to do or where to go

Hi I know this may sound weird but I really just need some advice right now I'm in a downward spiral where just before this virus I was removed from school because I wasn't making grade because I don't do well in the classroom environment so now I'm just at home with no guidance or anywhere to turn and I keep trying to find a job to help my parents because they really need help but nowhere want to take me on because I'm not very academic and this has caused me to go down a really lonely and dark path and I don't know what to do any advice would be amazing and may at least bring some light to the situation

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Hi Callum and welcome to RYL. Looks like a tough situation you're in but it's good to see that you recognise you're in a spiral and want to change it - that's a major first step.

A great way to get references, skills and qualifications that will help when you don't have loads of academic qualifications is to volunteer. It won't help with the 'helping your parents' stuff straight away of course, but it gives you something to put on your CV, gets you involved with and meeting other people and gives you a sense of importance and value.

So perhaps finding a project / volunteering position locally might be a good way of moving in the right direction? Idealy doing something you are passionate about, but that might not be possible depending on what's on offer around you. Either way, it will be a very positive thing and will give you experience to put down on CVs, skills and challenges you can talk about in intervews and a lot more besides.

In the long term, don't stress about lots of academic qualifications - it really is not the most important thing, trust me. Learn about the things you love, focus on things you are find you are good at and the rest with come in time, with or without a glowing school career!

No easy instant answers of course, but I hope that helps just a little bit


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Hi Callum, you could look at home education in the mean time, there are lots of courses from kindergarten all the way to university so I'm sure you could find something that is the right level for you. You can complete this at your own pace without distraction from the traditional classroom setup. Maybe look at 1 or 2 subjects and build from there.

You could look for work outside of this. Garden work like grass cutting will be popular this time of year as will window cleaning and car washing, maybe you could design some flyers to give to the neighbours.

Mand, South Wales, Full-time working, single mother to 2 scarily independent girls.

Mand x

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Echoes harley .i struggled in a classroom environment too many distractions and found it hard to concentrate etc. My advice is dont let it make you feel lesser somehow than everyone else. You are clearly bright as well as self aware . Take some time to heal mayb start a diy project or something. But remember dont let it define u as its not the be all and end all its great if u are able to do volunteer work ive tried that and loved it once i found something i enjoyed. I also want to say there are lots of types of intelligence and all sorts of ways to b an awesome human being . Dont let the b*#@***s get u down. And remember that its always possible to get more education online if u chose to or when you are older its alot easier in a class of adults at an evening class than it is a room full of younger people. Hope this helps

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