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So i guess this is where i introduce myself.
I'm Ray, my pronouns are he/him, them/they
I am 17 and live in texas.
My diagnoses is i have Severe Depression, Bipolar disorder and Severe general and social anxiety.
I decided to join RYL because i am looking for friends and support.
I have not self-harmed in over a year but still have suicidal thoughts here and there.
I am a transboy, but have not come out to any family/friends.
i also have a boyfriend, which he knows nothing about me being trans.
so yeah.
my family has been supportive of my mental challenges (by family i mean my paternal grandparents which whom i live with)
my mother and father really don't have a lot to do with me.
i am staying with them currently because my grandma has a benign tumor on her optic nerve behind her left eye, and is receiving radiation treatment to slow down its growth so she will not lose any more of her eyesight.
it's been a trivial last week, and i must stay with my parents for around three more weeks. (which i am not looking forward to)
so, yeah,
sorry for rambling.

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Emotional Panda
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Hey there!

Big welcome to RYL! I'm glad you have some people in your life that are supportive of you. I'm also very sorry to hear about your grandmother. Stay positive, okay? I hope you find what you're looking for here! I'm always here if you need me. x

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Welcome to ryl! Nice to meet you! I am sorry to hear of your grandmother.
Congrats on being clean for a year that is amazing. Please stay strong.

Pm me if you wanna chat

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