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light at the end of the tunnel

hey everyone ....idk what to say ive been gone for about 9 weeks now and im finally aafter ..blah blah blah all the therapy ive finnally come home to well i hope everyone is ok ...ive been so so so sad without you guys and i have lots to share with everyone...ive been in some weird places since ive left you know its not easy being alone in this world but yeah here and i especially love that thread about copping with flashbacks i find it particularly helpfull well any ways i hope this thread finds you all in the most of good spirits you all

tonight my friend you will drip precious rubies yes precious rubies
RYL family ----> litle sis:anya...adopted daughter ----lostscared
-I hope this knife in my hand speaks for itself...
She's not coming back- quote by paige

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Little girl you're in the middle of the ride
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i've really glad your back =D
I don't know you but i'm sure people who do're are insanely happy and I hope ryl'll help with anything you might be going through. Which it obvisously does, other wise you wouldn't be on here, right

Anyways welcome back

-End Of Quick Reply

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Born to be broken
in a heartbeat....i would
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yes welcome back :)...XxX

~ the Faith has GONE~
i loves all the safe room kids there all my lil heros...
Mikki is my lil sis <3 Hanner is my lil Princess <3
new year ...same problems....
hurts just as much....

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hey paige! welcome back.
i hope your doing well

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We are not our failures...

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Welcome back, Paige!

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Hey Paige welcome back, wondered where you had got to =]
I really hope all the therapy has helped you.

Amy x

'Cause I'll always remember you the same.
Oh eyes like wild flowers within demons of change ♥

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Paige :) u havent been online in a while were are you :(

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