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ashes to ashes
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cutting your face?

has anyone here SIed on their face before? i do it every so often and i always hate myself for doing it....i dont want people to find out i cut and yet i do it in the most obvious place ever!

take one step at a time, keep your head held high, and your eyes on Him, always.

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Location: England
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I've cut on my neck before. Nothing deep, just to feel what it was like, just to see it.

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I used to hurt my forehead, but not by cutting. I had a fringe at the time which covered it

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I've done that too, but on my neck - not sure why, honestly, either. I mean, it's never been something I've attempted to really hide, at least not from anyone other than my parents. But I'm not one to broadcast it either. Still, I guess maybe it was a cry for help in a way - this was when I was younger, still in my abusive household, so who knows?

"You cannot take what you have not given, and you must give yourself." -Shevek, The Dispossessed(Ursula K. LeGuin)

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I've never done it personally, but I've for sure wanted to.

you just don't have to be lonely, anymore. - my blog :)

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I've done it on my face and neck. I guess when I did it I felt like it showed a part of me that I wanted to see. Idk it's hard to explain :P

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Old 13-04-2011, 12:54 PM   #7
Snow White.
I am a fairy.
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Originally Posted by NoWarButTheClassWar View Post
Still, I guess maybe it was a cry for help in a way -

I often think self harm on the face is a cry for help - even if you're not consciously thinking "i want people to see this and help me", perhaps you're unconsciously crying out for help and for someone to just, care.

Remember there's always other ways to ask for help though, please try and avoid self harming wherever possible when other methods can be used to get the same effect/release/help etc.

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Location: Manchester, UK.

I've cut my face before, and it worried me that I didn't regret it. I wouldn't reccommend doing it though. It's not the easiest place to keep clean and you can't keep it covered at all times.

I'd try and work through some distractions to help you get over this.

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Mademoiselle Lola.
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I;ve cut on my face once.Nothing deep,it didn't leave any scar.Tbh,I wanted to see if people noticed,but no one did.Not even my parents.It hurt me deeply.Call me attention seeker,but I just wanted someone to ask me if everything's ok.

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I have once or twice, but only the tiniest tiniest little scratches ever. No scars, and they were gone in a day or two. I've given myself black eyes before as well.

I agree that, although I don't do it to be attention seeking, its nice just for someone to show they care and ask if you are ok. Which they never normally do with me, and which, if you hide injuries they have no reason to ask. I've cut/burnt my hands as well...and though I'd never admit it was self inflicted, its nice that people worry/care.

Although someone asked if my boyfriend had hit me, so I wouldn't do it again.

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Join Date: Jun 2007

Yes, I too have given myself blackeyes

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ashes to ashes
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yeah i've noticed most people dont even ask what happened, which i guess is good because i would have to lie...

take one step at a time, keep your head held high, and your eyes on Him, always.

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away with the fairies
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well, this is a topic I know all too well. I have si'd my face many times over the past 3 years. Usually when I was really ill though. I wouldnt say it was for attention, at the time, I was past caring so was on self destruct mode, just cutting "everywhere", I didnt take into account that it would be obvious. I go to a mental health day centre, and everybody just accepted it, which I was grateful for at the time, as really didnt want to go into it. I wouldnt recommend si'ing on your face though, I did it quite badly every time, and it took months for the marks to fade. Plus it is a bit too obvious.

The worst thing about depression — the thing that makes people phobic about it — is that it’s a foretaste of death. It’s a trip to the country of nothingness. Reality loses its substance and becomes ghostly, transparent, unbelievable. This perception of what’s outside infects the perception of the self, which explains why depressed people feel they aren’t “there.” -Chase Twichell

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sherlock holmes
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Yes, I have. On both my face and neck. I suppose that cutting my hands was also another visible place. I can't say that I did it purely for attention, but it's obvious when you cut your face that people will see it.

Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back, everything is different…

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Location: Germany

I havent done it, but I've been tempted. I wanted to do it, because I hate myself so much. The more I ate myself the more obviously I want to destruct. the most obvious I ever did was cutting my hands and my feet. ppl asked me and I told them that i was playing with my cat.
I do not recommend cutting your feet, especially during summer... sweat in cuts doesn't feel so good.

You survived the abuse.
You're gonna survive the recovery.

- Olivia Benson

Laura, Ginger, Cassi, Luna, Joni, Lena

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just can't seem to get things right...
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I've done it a couple of times, but I've only done it in small amounts, so I can usually get away with, oh... I just fell and hit my head. A little easy for me to do, since I am a huge klutz, so no one presses the issue. Although, I try to avoid doing it, cause it's a pain when it starts to heal.

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I've slapped myself and have attempted to give myself a black eye - I don't bruise easily though.

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~Lost Soul~
You see but you do not observe
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I've hit myself to try and bruise myself. I've never actually cut there though but I've had strong urges to.

"Indifference and neglect often do much more damage than outright dislike." - Albus Dumbledore

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Old 14-04-2011, 03:14 PM   #19
Join Date: May 2009

I've thought about it but have never been tempted. It's not something I wish for other people to see, whether I want them to care or not.


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Mad Dps
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I've done it once...when i was still in school. I was hoping one of my teachers would notice it and ask me. Because secretly i wanted there help.

"Without changelled there is no achievement"

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