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Online relationship

So there is this guy that I like online we've Ben talking for a while. But I don't know how to flirt. Flirting is like happy and being in a good mood. I'm a person that's more like not happy cuz I have depressed feeling and stuff like that. So I just can't flirt! With my last online relationship I didn't flirt I was just myself and we got along so well! Well Im afraid it ended cuz I'm too boring. My friends say I suck at flirting so they are no help! They are better at just being bitches and not realizing that I'm sensitive and one of them knows I am. So I'm basically asking should I stick to being myself or flirt? If flirt, how do I like u guys got any tips?

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Be yourself, if someone doesn't like you for you then it will end in tears.

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Just be yourself. Flirting isn't the only way to attract someone.

Be careful, though.. Especially if you've never met him. It could be anyone..

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Sometimes things aren't so simple..
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Yeah be careful, anyone can come online.

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Flirting is not always the anwer and just be yourself..

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