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Thank you Tumblr for bringing this game to my attention.

Basically, anytime anyone says "Infomercial!" you have to f**k up whatever you're doing in the most hilarious way.
We've started doing it at random times at home, its led to a few spilled drinks and one getting fingers tied to shoe strings.

Inspired by the American infomercial, which seems to make you think you need the product because you're too stupid to get along without it.

doughnuts are more difficult than they look.

How do I soup?

I just don't know what went wrong.

Help! I have too much money!

...I...I just...what?!

Anyway. I just wonder if anyone else plays the game. Also I wanted to share so you can become aware of it and spread the game to your friends.

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Pahaha! This is hilarious, I want to play :P

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Oh-my-goodness. The idea of this is cracking me up! Brilliant!!

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I don't think I actually use the word that often but it sounds hilarious. Love the gifs! =P

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"But it's the truth even if it didn't happen."

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