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Like chocolate and cheese 'n' onion crisps?

Combine the two... O.o
A company in Ireland, called Tatyo has done just that.;h=409
Fancy some cheese and onion flavoured chocolate? (Picture: Tayto)
Many people have said it is wrong but that hasn’t stopped Irish food company Tayto from making a cheese and onion flavoured chocolate bar.

The firm has already sold out of the 100,000 bars it initially produced in response to requests from people on social networks.

Tayto boss Eamon Eastwood admitted customers had reacted strongly to the snack, which has a flavour normally associated with crisps.

‘I couldn’t believe the reaction,’ he said.

‘It went off the Richter scale with almost half a million impressions.’

The chief executive described the bar as ‘crunchy chocolate and then a lingering taste of cheese of onion’.

Unsurprisingly the treat has received a mixed response.

@bfdetiger wrote on Twitter: ‘Just had my first taste of the Tayto (cheese and onion crisp) Chocolate Bar, very nice actually :)’

Others on the social network were less enthusiastic.

@ErnieNinja added: ‘In Ireland they made a chocolate bar cheese and onion flavoured! I just lost my appetite.’

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I'd be curious to see what that tastes like. I quite like combining sweet with savoury, like chocolate and salted nuts, or chocolate covered salted pretzels. The contrast seems to work well.

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My ex used to eat crisps and chocolate together, I'll have to show this to her.

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Ready salted crisps smushed up in strawberry yoghurt is good too :)

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As beautiful as tayto's cheese and onion crisps are, I dont think they'd go well with chocolate....

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