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I have been feeling guilty for months.

I was speculator for gamblers that want to bet football. I made fake records to gain their trust and lied to them that i was good at analysis football game. After that,They hired me to give advice. And The results were not good. they lost a lot of money. And i think they lost much money coz of my lying. i think its not anyone’s fault but me. They might become a robber,have family issues,committed suicide because of me.

I know that gambling has risk,But there are fixed matches that you gain 100% profit from those matches. I don’t remember if i was advertising that i had fixed matches. If i was doing it,my clients might throw all money on those matches.

i have been thinking about this matter everyday and this matter ruins my all day for months . i just want to stop thinking about it.For now, i think what i did probably killed someone indirectly,made someone be a thief etc.

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You will never be able to know what consequences your wrongdoing caused and worrying about it doesn't help anyone. Perhaps you could focus on doing something positive, like volunteering for a gambling or debt advice charity as a kind of penance.

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i think i made them loose money. thats why i feel so bad. Moreover,i don't remember if i lied to them that i knew which matches were fixed.

for example,i lie to my clients that Man city vs Liverpool is a fixed match. if they place a bet on that match, they would loose alot of money because they think that match was fixed, so they spent a ton of money.

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