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Triggering (Suicide/Sexual Abuse) - video interview

my solo rang me about 2 hours ago to tell me that my video interviews been put back for up to 8 weeks, but there going to interview my mates that left me before they no wat ive said... i dont think its fair...
i dont see how i can carry on with this wen they have put me in this position...
all i want is to do this damm awful interview and get on with my life but now i cant do that i dont think i can do it, all because of one awful selfish individual!!
i cant cope with the flashbacks and to find out its going to be at least 2 months b4 i can do its really getting to me, i mean what if they catch him but ive missed a slight detail because they left it so long b4 i could do it...

i feel so sui atm, i dont see any point in anything anymore, i dont see why i shud go ahead with whats happening when they obviously blame me for whats happend, if they believed me would they really leave me so long knowing what state of mind im in.....

and all this is because of him, he's in my head all the time, i feel like i no him and ive never met him, i feel so low im doubting myself as to weather it was actually his fault or mine...
im scared as to weather i can do this interview or not..

really sorry for this i jus needed to get him outta my head

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Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: merseyside :(
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ive jus found out my mate wont help me by makin a statement, cant deal with this
am i really such a bad person tha my mates cant even help me wen i need them, i no she blames me for what happend, she thinks its all my fault an im a dirty s**t
i jus cant deal with this, if it wasnt bad enough the interview bein postponed now its jus my word against him...
i cant do this

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